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Well, like many an old girl, this site is undergoing a face lift. The process may take awhile, and at times it may not be pretty, but we guarantee that the change will be worth it.
Hang in there with us and come back often to check on our progress! Viva la Difference!

Posted on:5:27 pm on Feb. 25, 2010
» Appreciate the Wonder «

Leaves are falling in a shower of amber and rusts, the smell of woodsmoke hangs heavily in the air and you can definitely tell that it's Autumn.

Now, I love the spring for its lushness, summer for its long, lazy days and winter for its pristine beauty but, Autumn is, by far, my favorite time of year. The forest takes on a moody, pensive quality. The trees are not quite devoid of their leafy burdens but close. The ground smells of moisture. Fog (or low clouds - depending upon whom you ask) greet you in the morning and you can almost imagine yourself stepping back into another era. There's something about the season that makes me truly appreciate this gift called life. Do you?

Posted on:5:35 am on Nov. 13, 2006

Welcome everyone to the VisitMariposa Community Forum.  This is your place to talk, get information or find old friends.  The only things we ask are that you remember that this is a family-oriented forum - which means confine your language and topic matter accordingly - and that this is NOT a commercial forum.  No business ads.  Heaven knows we all get enough of those in our email!  If you have any suggestions for categories, please feel free to contact us at: forumadmin@visitmariposa.net.

Posted on:6:21 am on Dec. 13, 2002

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