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Darrah School

In 1993 Darrah School, one of the oldest and most historic buildings remaining in Mariposa, was condemned and scheduled to be torn down because it had become unsafe.  The school was built in 1878 and served Mariposa as a place of learning until 1953.  From 1953 to 1993 the building continued to serve the community as a meeting place for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H and many other civic groups as well as being used by private groups for weddings, family reunions and other functions.  The school also served as a park since it was one of the few areas in the county with a playground and a comfort station that was open to the public.

Not wanting to lose such a treasured piece of Mariposa's history, our Kiwanis Club purchased Darrah School from the County of Mariposa.  We are now renovating the building and bringing it up to current safety and accessibility standards.

We have hired Heart Land, an organization that provides living and working opportunities for handicapped adults, to keep the grounds and restrooms clean.

Darrah School Tot Playground

In 2002 a need in the community for a tot playground was recognized by a member of Kiwanis.  In 2003 a grant request was submitted for funds to replace the old Darrah School playground with a playground for children under 5 years old.  In December of 2003 work began on the state of the art playground and the Kiwanis Tot Playground was officially opened on April 4, 2004.  This is the only tot playground in Mariposa County that is open to the public 7 days a week.

Pediatric Trauma Prevention Training

In 2001, a need was recognized in the county to update the training of our local emergency response workers on how to deal with very young children in accidents.  In 2002, grants were written by a member of Kiwanis to obtain funding from the Kiwanis foundation for training of 87 Mariposa emergency response workers.  Training began in late 2002 at Valley Childrens Hospital in Madera.  Training will continue as time allows to get as many workers trained at no cost to them.  In 2004, equipment was delivered to equip the county emergency vehicles.

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