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Pow Wow Protocol

Picture - Traditional DesignAS MORE PEOPLE become aware of Native American culture and start attending Pow Wows and other ceremonies, it is important they understand some of the "basic rules" to follow while there:

1.  Listen to the Master of Ceremonies since he coordinates the Pow Wow.

2.  Do not sit on the benches or chairs reserved for the dancers.

3.  If you want to take pictures, check first with the Master of Ceremonies then the person you wish to photograph.

4.  All tape recording must be done with the permission of the Master of Ceremonies and the Lead Singer.

5.  If you are not wearing traditional regalia, you may dance only on social songs (the two Step, Blanket Dance, Honoring Songs, etc.)

6.  Only those with permission of the Lead Singer may sit at the Drum.

7.  Stand during the Grand Entry, Gourd Songs, Flag Songs, Invocation, Veteran's Songs and the Closing Song.

8.  During the Gourd Dancing only the Gourd Dancers are to enter the Dance arena.

9.  Please do not permit your children to enter the dancing circle unless they are dancing.

10.  Following the Grand Entry, stand for the Flag Song and the Invocation.

11.  Do not touch anyone's dance Regalia without their permission.

12.  Do not turn down an invitation by others, especially elders.

13.  And PLEASE, do not bring or consume ALCOHOLIC beverages or DRUGS while around the Pow Wow Arena.



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